wtorek, 28 września 2010

my first cave

i'm heading to mt.moon. i can smell stink of team rocket even from powter city. they will recognize me as one of the trainers, that they shouldn't piss off. i'll wake 'em remember me B)

niedziela, 26 września 2010

my first evolution

i followed yours suggestion and lead magikarp to evolution! now he rocks! gyarados could blast whole brock's gym i one blow. i got the badge and i'm realy confident while entering mt.moon. it's gonna be piece of cake, with my recently evolved pokemon! smell ya!

sobota, 25 września 2010

my first plan

i just figured out, that brock is rock type gym leader, and i don't stand a chance now :( i have to find a way to gain that badge before that sucker red will! i need some water type pokemon... maybe magikarp! yes! i'm gonna train him and rip brock's pokemons into pieces! smell ya! B)

piątek, 24 września 2010

my first pokemons

i just get pokedex 'n pokeballs, so  i decided to catch some pokemons! i caught rattata and pidgey. they both are weak as hell now, but i fell they gonna become some badass pokemons. pidgey even now can easily bet that bug catcher suckers, lol B] until nxt time, smell ya

czwartek, 23 września 2010

my first fight

hi! I just beat that smelly rat red with my charmande!\he used his bulbasaur, lol. gramps gave us teh pokedexs and both of us just started our journey. I think i'll beat red's ass a few times more B]